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All On-site support requires 1 hour
minimum. After the first hour you will be
billed in 30 minute increments.

Some computer issues may not be
repairable on-site because of time
it takes to repair and may require
for us to bring the computer back
to our shop.

Our remote support software uses
AES 256 bit encryption to ensure a
safe and secure experience.

Some computer issues may not be
repairable through remote support
and may require for us to be
on-site or bring the computer back
to our shop.

We will pickup your computer
from your home or office, repair the
system and deliver it back to the
place we picked it up.

Turn-Around Times: 24 ~ 72 Hours.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Software and Hardware not included. Travel Fees may apply.


  • Virus Removal and Clean Up
  • Install Windows on your Mac
  • Reinstall of Operating System
  • Tune-Up
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Transfer


  •     Laptop Screen Replacement
  •     Power Supply
  •     Laptop DC Jack Repair
  •     Home WIFI Installation
  •     Networking
  •     Printer Setup
  •     New Computer Set-Up
  •     Printer Setup
  •     Install Memory
  •     Install Hard Drive

 Mobile Devices:

          •     iPod Repair
          •     iPad Repair
          •     iPad and Android Tablet Setup
          •     Android and iPhone Repair


Basic Windows 8

Want to save time with your new computer?

            We will teach you
          • how to download metro apps.
          • how to update metro apps.
          • how to personalize the metro screen.
          • how to use charms and live tiles.
          • how to set up Windows Updates.
          • how to change the Windows 8 Start screen background.
          • how to create a new user account in Windows 8
          • how to work within control panel.
          • how to join a Home-group or to get on a network.
          • how to create picture password.
          • how to use tasks menu.
  • how to set default programs in windows 8.