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Remote Support

Technical problems can arise any time. 71st-Tech knows how valuable your computer is to you. That’s why we’ve implemented Instant Remote Support. When you’re having technical troubles we are your go to computer techs. We Service both PC and MAC computers Remotely. All you have to do is enter your name, a description of your problem and tell 71st-Tech your Session Code to connect to your desktop. We’ve got you covered. If we can’t fix it remotely, your money will be refunded. Our online remote support services supports both PC & MAC, Printers & Gadgets as well as Router & Network Support.

Why choose us?

  • If we can’t fix it remotely your money will be refunded!
  • Secure Remote Support – AES 256 bit encryption to ensure a safe and secure experience!
  • Free Diagnostics to correctly Diagnose and Repair problems!
  • Guarantee all services are of the highest quality!
  • Secure Payment via PayPal!
  • The cost will never exceed the quote that was provided!
  • Only Top-Notch Certified American Technicians. Say good-bye to Overseas Tech Support!
  • Fast, Friendly, Honest and Dependable Repair and I.T.  Service!

71st-Tech Remote Support Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Call 71st-Tech at 347-460-7178 to schedule a Remote Support Session.

2. If you have not used 71st-Tech service before our office will get basic customer information.


3. Please use the above link as directed by 71st-Tech Staff. Please click on the link and select the Run option as in the screen below:



4. Once downloaded another dialog (as below) will appear, again please press the Yes button:


5. Please read the Disclaimer and select ACCEPT to AGREE to the Disclaimer and load the application:


6. When the application has loaded, please enter your name, a description of your problem and tell 71st-Tech your Session Code.


At the end of the service call we will confirm the total time involved and the total that will be billed. NO SURPRISES!