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We understand that you want to get your repairs done quickly and done right. We offer prompt and professional service for your electronic devices.

Computer Repair

We offer many different services. Our most popular computer repair service is 71st-Tech Remote Support Service. It allows you to get help instantly regardless of your location. Remember, if we can’t fix it remotely, we will refund your purchase. On site service is available for both business and residential customers.

We also accept LAPTOPS TABLETS IPADS IPHONES ANDROID mail-in. We recommend insuring all items shipped.

Computer drop-off can be accommodated with an appointment.

Small Business IT Solutions

We provide custom and affordable Tech Support that is designed specifically for you and your company. We can remotely manage and monitor your equipment. Our remote software allows us to fix issues within your organization. This allows us to keep costs down and only charge for additional work when a on-site visit is completely necessary. 71st-Tech offers plans with and without on-site support.

Data Recovery

71st-Tech knows that your personal and company data is very important to you and that is why 71st-tech takes pride in helping clients get their data back using specific methods to the condition of the drive or storage device.

Voice & Data Network Cabling

We can design and implement a plan that will get all your voice and data lines correctly installed the first time without damaging your property.

71st-Tech Prevents ESD

71st-tech takes careful measures to prevent ESD from destroying any of your computer equipment. Computers are always disassembled and assembled on grounded anti-static benches and or mats. In addition, all 71st-tech technicians are required to stand on grounded anti-static mats as well as wear anti-static wrist and when working with ESD sensitive components such as hard drives and gpu cards.